12 Days of Revision: A Christmas Carol!

Carolling Song of the Day: Check out the one below!

We’ve bought all our Christmas presents, put up our tree, and are about to begin our holiday break from the day jobs. Needless to say, we’re feeling a little festive. So we decided to share a little carol that only writers can appreciate:

The 12 Days of Revision!!
(Sung to the melody of…well, you know)

On the twelfth day of revisions, my beta gave to me…

12 packs of Post-Its

11 sugar comas

10 songs for musing

9 friends assuring

8 hours “Scrivening”

7 authors tweeting

6 coffees brewing


4 colored pens

3 synonyms

2 fingerless gloves

And a port-a-ble PC!!!!!!

So, did I leave anything out fellow writers? Please leave your thoughts below. Oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

To Those We’ve Lost

Remembering Song of the Day: “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer” by Stevie Wonder

Hey, peeps! We hope that you all have a good Memorial Day. We know you’ll take the time to remember those we’ve lost–whether from war or other circumstances–just like we’re off doing today.

Enjoy the day 🙂