Accountability Monday (Again…on Tuesday!): NaNOT So Much

To keep ourselves on task with all the things (outside of academia and our day jobs) we’ve decided to join in with Alicia and her accountability posts each Monday. Usually, we’ll share our successes and failures from the previous week and upcoming goals. If you too need something to keep yourself honest, feel free to join in.

November seems to be the month for ERE’Thing. Not only are we both teaching, but Pam’s getting her job interview on, and Quita has a conference to prepare for in CA and two class projects due this month. So…even co-authoring a project doesn’t seem to be the remedy to our # 1 issue, y’all: TIME. Can we please get some more of that?? With all that being said, we still feel like this is true:

So, we might not be on track with NaNo, but that doesn’t mean we’re giving up on this co-authored project. As soon as we find the time, we’ll get back on track and get that book out of us! What about you guys–how’s it going? Also, don’t forget to check out Alicia’s blog!


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