Accountability Monday (Long Time Coming…): NaNo Update- Realizing it Takes Two

To keep ourselves on task with all the things (outside of academia and our day jobs) we’ve decided to join in with Alicia and her accountability posts each Monday. Usually, we’ll share our successes and failures from the previous week and upcoming goals. If you too need something to keep yourself honest, feel free to join in.

So…we were supposed to do LOTS of things these past few weeks to prep for NaNoWriMo. We even set up this handy dandy NaNo schedule to keep up on track…yeah, that was cute.

Wait, we DO have something to report before you think this post will be all about our failures–we HAVE brainstormed a NaNo idea! Due to the help of one our brilliant writerly friends, Jess Stork, we have decided to collaborate once again. This time we’re going to try our hands at co-writing a YA.

For the sake of being mysterious (at least for now) we’ll just say our YA will have dual POVs and everything will not be what it seems. Mwa ha ha ha…Man, that was perfect for October.

Anyway, we’ve worked out some major plot points, we know who our main characters will be, and we know which POV that we will write. Finally, we also know a little bit about our MCs. However, we need to flesh out a bit more about the story,supporting characters, and overall plot before we follow up on that “simple” NaNo schedule we laid out before.

So, that’s our overdue accountability check in. What’s going on with you all out there. Don’t forget to check out Alicia’s post!

*Also…speaking of overdue, how AWESOME is Adele’s “Hello”? If we had posted a “What We’re Into” post on Friday, it would’ve definitely been a link to that song!*


2 thoughts on “Accountability Monday (Long Time Coming…): NaNo Update- Realizing it Takes Two

    • Yeah…we figured with e’rething we got going on, we’d be more successful if we co-write during NaNo this year. Not sure if it’s cheating or not, but oh well *shrugs*. Thanks for the cheers! ❤

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