Perfect Pitching: How to Write a Good Logline (Accountability Monday)

To keep ourselves on task with all the things (outside of academia and our day jobs) we’ve decided to join in with Alicia and her accountability posts each Monday. Usually, we’ll share our successes and failures from the previous week and upcoming goals. If you too need something to keep yourself honest, feel free to join in.

We created a schedule to get ourselves in gear and ready to write before NaNoWriMo last week. The first thing on our agenda this week is to write our loglines. Huh? The last time we had to do that was…like, never?? I mean, Quita did a few Twitter pitches awhile back and Pam might’ve written a pitch like five years ago or sumthin’ but other than that, nothing. So, we decided to do a little bit of research.

From we found this information:

The best way to think about loglines is to consider the following:

1) Connect your character to your audience

2) Connect your plot to the market

From RWA San Diego we liked the following templates for actually penning the logline:

Author Stacey Nash sees the logline as three sentences in which you sum up the plot of your story answering these basic questions:

● Who is your main character?
● What does he/she want? What is his/her goal?
● Why does he/she want this (motivation)?
● What are the obstacles in his/her way?
● What makes the story unique?

Cindy Carroll (screenwriter and author) recommends using one of these structures to answer the address the elements of the logline.

● To stop A, character B must do C, but D happens.

● When A happens, character B must take some action (C), but D happens.

● Character B does something, then when A happens they must do C, but D happens.

And there was so much more but we don’t want to make this post too long! With that being said…now we have to actually get our loglines done this week. What about you guys? Any preparations for NaNo going on in your worlds?

*Don’t forget to check out Alicia’s Accountability Monday post this week!*


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