What We’re Into This Week: The Visit

In the hopes of trying to keep up with blogging after the end of RSW, we’ve decided to try and do a new weekly feature with Alicia. This feature will be something that we’re vibing on each week. It can be something BIG or small, dealing with writing or not, whatevs. Thus, this week, we’re into:

The BRILLIANT writing and pacing of the movie The Visit. If you haven’t seen this movie, GO SEE IT. We’re cheating a lil’ bit since we did see this movie over two weeks ago; however, it’s still on our minds. What does this mean? It was that GUD! The first thing we said to each other when we left? “UGH, that was the perfect plot for a book!” We really don’t want to give anything away so we’ll leave it at that, but for sure check out this trailer and then go and see the movie!

What are you into this week? Also, don’t forget to see what Alicia’s up to 🙂


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