7x7x7 Challenge: We’ve Been Tagged!

The amazing and talented Alicia tagged us last week in the 7-7-7 challenge and we are obliged to participate in this daunting task. What is it, you ask? Well, we have to post the 7th line on the 7th page of our WIPs, followed by the next 7 lines. Then, tag 7 other writers to take part in the challenge too. Easy, enough right? Yeah, right. Welp, here it goes!

Pam’s 7-7-7:

I’ve decided to include 7 lines from my WIP, Obligatory Black Girl. I’ve been having a love-hate relationship with this manuscript. I REALLY want to tell this story, but the stars don’t seem to align with HOW I’m telling it. Anyways, here we find my hypochondriac protagonist, Jordan (female, btw), once again paying a visit to the school nurse:

She walks over to her file cabinet and pulls out two random folders—one skinny, the other as hearty as a phone book. “You see this?” She holds up the thin folder. “This is the medical records of one of my seniors—a whole grade higher than you—and he has been diagnosed with asthma since fourth grade.” She lifts the other one and slightly groans under her breath. “This? This is yours.” She allows the folder to plop down on top of her desk and the framed picture of her Siamese cat topples face down. “’Nough said.”

I wrap my arms around each other. “I come here for proactive reasons.”

Quita’s 7-7-7:

I went with lines from a YA thriller (untitled) about a girl (Nia) who wants to clear the name of her ex-boyfriend who is accused of raping the “it” girl, her new best friend. She seeks out the help of another girl she left behind in middle school–who happened to have a crush on her back then.

He whimpers again, leans his forehead against mine. His skin is burning up—like that time he had a fever in third grade and I brought him homemade chicken noodle soup. Hot tears fall on my collarbone as his body shakes against mine. “I didn’t do anything with her. Someone set this up. Please. Believe me. Please,” he mutters.

This time I shush him. I rub his hair away from his sticky forehead “Just…what happened?” I ask, still trying my best to not look in Lindsey’s direction.

He shakes his head. “I don’t know. One minute I’m downstairs laughing with Willie and the other guys. The next thing I know I’m up here waking up next to Lindsey. Like that.”

 *Disclaimer…we were a lil’ confused about the rules (sentences vs. lines) so forgive us if our count is off*

Okay, next step…who do we tag? Specifically, Racquel and anyone else who’d like to participate! Also, make sure you check out Alicia’s accountability post today. Homegirl is doing her thang! We are going to be blogging with her every Monday to stay motivated 🙂


2 thoughts on “7x7x7 Challenge: We’ve Been Tagged!

  1. Ladies, I love your excerpts! Pam, I LOLed at ” “I come here for proactive reasons.” The nurse’s office is such a fantastic place for escape, probably even if you’re a hypochondriac. Quita, I’m on the edge from reading your excerpt. So much crap is going to hit the fan, you can just tell.

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