R.S.W! Week 8 (Really?!) Check In

Ready. Set. Write! Summer 2015

Taken from Jaime Morrow: RSW

It’s not like we have enough to do, right? Right. So we’ve decided to join the Ready. Set. Write! crew this summer and set some realistic goals for ourselves. If you wanna play along click on the link above to venture to Katie Upperman’s blog (one of the hosts along with Alison Miller, Jamie Morrow, Erin Funk, and Elodie Nowodazkij) and find all the deets about the summer writing intensive that encourages goal-setting, accountability, and camaraderie.

Long time no see! It’s been a hectic two weeks but now we’re ready to share our progress.

Pam’s Check In:

  1. Turn in my revision to Awesome Agent.–>I wish I had an oven timer attached to me because this goal is DONE. And now while I wait to hear from Awesome Agent about my revision, I can get cracking with drafting a new idea.

  2. FINALLY finish reading Paper Towns.–> Again, CHIME. That’s my oven timer, if you couldn’t tell. Now it’s time to search for my next book.

  3. Spend time with friends.–>Not only did Quita and I get to spend time with Racquel, but we get to see her later this week for the SCBWI conference in LA–woo hoo!

Quita’s Check In:

1. Revise at least half of YOU WILL LOSE HIM –>  Closebutnotquite…I almost got to the halfway point and then I fell out of love with the draft again and took a little break to re-plot. I’m definitely having a supreme love/hate relationship with this revision.

2. Hopefully get back to reading–> I successfully finished Laurie Halse Anderson’s Catalyst and will now move on to something new. Woo hoo!

3. Enjoy time with friends (see Pam’s # 3)–> Yay! This was definitely a success. Any time we get to see our sistah Racquel, I’m always happy.

Our Goals for the Week


1. Write at least 2000 words for my new WIP.

2. Read half of a new novel during travels to and from LA (book still to be determined).

3. Attend a session outside of my comfort zone while at SCBWI (I’m looking at you picture book and/or nonfiction workshops).

4. Work out at least once while in LA (and hopefully not get lost with Quita during my jog through the city this time).


1. Settle on a new plan for YOU WILL LOSE HIM & stick with it (if no writing gets done this week, that’s okay)

2. Complete character sketches & plotting for WIP (maybe start writing this to take a break from revising??)

3. Begin reading a new novel

4. Enjoy the LA SCBWI International Conference!!

One Word/Phrase that Encompasses What We Wrote/Revised:


Satisfied. As I’ve mentioned before, the revision was a challenge, but I was overall pleased with the final product.


Love-hate. Okay, that’s cheating a little bit…but like I mentioned before, I keep going up and down with this revision so that’s the best I can think of right now.

Biggest Challenge We Faced This Week:

Pam & Quita:

Since we were not able to provide an update last week, there’s no denying that time has once again been our enemy.

Something We Love About our WIPs/Novels We’re Revising:


That this round of revisions is DONE…ha!


The love part of the love-hate relationship I have for my novel continues to be my female MC. She’s the reason that I keep hanging on. I want to tell her story…I just gotta figure out how.

So that’s all we’ve got this week. What about you guys?

** Also just a quick heads up: Since, as we’ve mentioned, we’ll be in LA for the AWESOME SCBWI conference, we most likely won’t have time to do our check in next Monday. However, we’ll be sure to be around the interwebz to see how you all are doing!**


27 thoughts on “R.S.W! Week 8 (Really?!) Check In

  1. Since both of you are looking for a new book to read, may I suggest AN EMBER IN THE ASHES? I just finished it and it was soooo good. The only thing is it’s the first in a series, so now I’m in the land of “agonizing wait.”

    Pam, awesome job finishing your revisions!! And Quita, I felt the exact same way the whole time I was working on this last round of revisions, and like you, sometimes it was only the love of my MC that got me through. I have faith you’ll figure it out!

    Enjoy the SCBWI conference in LA this week!! ❤

    • Hmm, a new book with a glowing recommendation? We’ll take it. Thanks for the kudos, Courtney! Also, it’s good to know that I’m (Quita) not the only one who has this love-hate tug-of-war going on with my revision. I hope that I’ll get the hang of it. Thanks for encouraging me! We ❤ writers! We'll share what we learn at SCBWI!

  2. Pam: Everyone seems to be either reading or re-reading Paper Towns, might have to jump on that bandwagon.
    Quita: Good luck knocking out that revision! Here’s to your love coming back in full swing!

    Have a great conference in LA!

  3. Pam: Congrats on turning in that revision! Have fun with whatever project you choose to work on next!
    Quita: I can so totally relate to falling in and out of love with a WiP during revisions. I’m currently in an “out of love” state with mine. :-/ Hope you’re back in love with it again soon!

    Have a great week, ladies! 😀

  4. I’m going to echo Courtney’s recommendation. AN EMBER IN THE ASHES was fantastic!

    Pam: Nicely done on finishing that revision! Hope your agent has all kinds of awesome things to say about it! So glad you’re feeling satisfied with how it turned out.

    Quita: That love-hate relationship with a WIP is so tough to work through, but I think when you get to the end, and everything’s polished, and you finally love it to pieces, it feels even more satisfying for having pushed through that frustrating stage. Good luck figuring out how you want to tell your mc’s story. Hope the perfect bolt of inspiration hits you!

    • This is a popular book–we’ve got to really check it out 🙂 Thanks for your comments, Erin and your positivity. We’ll keep it in mind as we get through this week. Good luck on all of your goals!

  5. Oh my gosh — you girls rocked your goals! So excited for you. Don’t forget to celebrate all your success, and have an awesome time at the SCBWI conference. I’m just a *little* jealous. Share pics!

    • We’ll most definitely share pics, Katy! Wish you could join us at SCBWI! Thanks for the kudos 🙂 You did great last week, too…you’re kinda our role model. Good luck to you this week!

  6. I hope you guys have the most awesome time in LA!!! That has got to be a super fun and rewarding and rejuvenating conference. One day I’ll get there. 🙂 Also, sounds like you guys are kicking butt at your goals! Hope you have another great week!

  7. Pam, you’ve really rocked things this time. Good for you! Enjoy the weekend and time with a great friend.

    Quita, I feel for you on the love-hate thing. I have a character that keeps doing that too me too. Maybe this weekend will be a chance to rework some of your ideas? Time with friends and inspiring things to see can help tweak perspective….

    • Thanks for the support, Eden 🙂 People like you keep us going! Hopefully this weekend will be insipiring for Quita’s revision…we are usually always inspired by SCBWI! Good luck with everything you’ve got going on this week!

  8. Along with everyone else, I am sooo jelz of your LA trip! I’ve been considering going to one of the big SCBWI conferences, so I’d love to hear how it all goes! Also, I saw on your Twitter feed that you guys are in Williamsburg… waving ‘hi’ to you from Richmond! 🙂

    • We’ll definitely keep you posted, Crystal. However, if you ever get a chance to go you should attend SCBWI’s international conference in LA. It’s amazing! We’ve been to both LA and NY and LA’s conference is The. Best. Oh, cool! You’re in Richmond?? We need to link up some time. We’re always looking for writers in our community!

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