R.S.W! (Not So Much Of a) Check In

It’s not like we have enough to do, right? Right. So we’ve decided to join the Ready. Set. Write! crew this summer and set some realistic goals for ourselves. If you wanna play along click on the link above to venture to Katie Upperman’s blog (one of the hosts along with Alison Miller, Jamie Morrow, Erin Funk, and Elodie Nowodazkij) and find all the deets about the summer writing intensive that encourages goal-setting, accountability, and camaraderie.

Deadlines in the form of creative writing (for Pam that she sent to her awesome agent) and academic assignments (for Quita ) have hindered us from giving you a proper update this week. Alas, we will return to our regulalry scheduled updates next week. In the meantime you can rest knowing that we did accomplish MOST of our goals last week and we intend to give you full updates next week.

Until then…tell the truth:


5 thoughts on “R.S.W! (Not So Much Of a) Check In

  1. We all have weeks when it’s too much extra work to write about all the work we did. Here’s to satisfied deadlines and maybe some yummy iced lattes. Best to you both.

    (BTW, I missed a few weeks, so just curious… how was the trip? Even if it was busy, did you both get a chance to do some fun touristy stuff too?)

    • Hi Eden! Yes, the trip was AWESOME! We went on a great walking tour of Trinidad and learned a lot about the history. It was pretty amazing. We have lots of pictures…just not sure what to do with them??? Thanks for asking!

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