R.S.W! Week 6 Check-In- This Week Is SO Much Better!

Taken from Jaime Morrow: RSW

Taken from Jaime Morrow: RSW

It’s not like we have enough to do, right? Right. So we’ve decided to join the Ready. Set. Write! crew this summer and set some realistic goals for ourselves. If you wanna play along click on the link above to venture to Katie Upperman’s blog (one of the hosts along with Alison Miller, Jamie Morrow, Erin Funk, and Elodie Nowodazkij) and find all the deets about the summer writing intensive that encourages goal-setting, accountability, and camaraderie.

After reading through our post from last week to report how much (awesome) progress we made this week we realized…we FAILED last week’s post. We left out a bunch of key components in our check-in. Thus, we vow to make this the most epic check-in post ever. Or, at least we’ll follow the rules this time 😉

Pam’s Check In:

  1. Finish revisions on my YA thriller, THROUGH OUR TEETH--> In progress. Though I may not meet my July 15th deadline to finish my revisions, I’m well on my way to being done by July 20th. I’m still debating what my incentive shall be for finishing. Something chocolate, perhaps?
  2. Write at least 15k words of a new WIP–>Not in progress. No worries, though. As soon as I turn in my revision to my awesome agent, I am ready to delve head first into this new world.
  3. Read at least 5 books–>I’ve been reading my first out of the 5 books FOREVER. Actually, I have not had a chance to read the first out of my 5 books. So…I will begin actually penciling in reading time to finally finish Paper Towns (especially since the movies comes out July 24th).
  4. Exercise 3-4 times a week (including running!)–>I managed to wake up early and work out 3 times this past week. Woo hoo! Still a bit too hot to run, but power walking counts, right? Right??!!
  5. Do something FUN or FOR MYSELF at least once each weekend–>My name is Pam, and I have recently become addicted to the band, Twenty One Pilots. So something “fun” for me was to watch their live performances and interviews on YouTube all weekend. Yeah, I’m sad.

Quita’s Check In:

  1. Work on revisions of YA contemp novel–>I have successfully revised the first three chapters of YOU WILL LOSE HIM! Hey…where’s my confetti???
  2. Plot/ begin writing at least 10k of new WIP–>I worked on the character worksheet that Pam mentioned a couple weeks ago provided by Jodi Hedlund (it can be found here) and plotted another scene. So…no actual writing has occurred on this project yet, but I’m getting there :/
  3. Read 4-5 books–> While I didn’t read any books (at least not any for pleasure. Much reading of articles and chapters for school has occurred), I did BUY a new book at B & N this weekend. So, the TBR pile grows and I’m doing nothing to tackle it. *sigh*
  4. Less work, more play on the weekends–> The plan was to see The Gallows for the “play” this weekend. You can’t see me right now, but I’m blinking.
  5. Exercise at least 3xs a week–> So, we did some dancing again, walked/jogged for over two miles, and threw a little Mixed Martial Arts in there–it sounds MUCH more impressive than it really is.

Our Goals for the Week


1. Turn in my revision to Awesome Agent.

2. FINALLY finish reading Paper Towns.

3. Spend time with friends (me and Quita’s long lost Charlie’s Angel, Racquel, will be in town this week, woo to the hoo!)


1. Revise at least half of YOU WILL LOSE HIM before next week. I need to get this thing done!

2. Hopefully get back to reading

3. Enjoy time with friends (see Pam’s # 3)

One Word/Phrase that Encompasses What We Wrote/Revised:


Challenging. I’m changing my protagonist’s motivation just a little, which means changing and/or removing some of her thoughts and dialogue. Getting rid of some of your favorite lines is always difficult.


Progress. You guys! I’m making really good progress.

Biggest Challenge We Faced This Week:


See my response above. Killing your darlings ain’t no joke!


Getting back into my revisions for YOU WILL LOSE HIM. Once again I almost threw in the towel on this novel. I gave myself the pity talk: “No one wants this book. It doesn’t work, blah, blah, blah.” But now I’m finding my groove again.

Something We Love About our WIPs/Novels We’re Revising:


Now that her motivation has changed, I’m rooting for my protagonist. I thought it was fun before just to write about someone a little cray cray, but writing about someone who’s conflicted is far more rewarding.


The work that I’m doing with one of the supporting characters. I love feedback that I received from an agent who requested a R & R because she helped me realize how important one of the characters is to the entire story, and now I am having so much fun with this character.

That’s been our week…what about you guys??


4 thoughts on “R.S.W! Week 6 Check-In- This Week Is SO Much Better!

  1. Awesome job on your revision progress, girls! You’re both totally rocking it! And excellent work on the exercise goals, too. So hard to get motivated for a workout, especially when it’s hot. Pam, I’m rooting for you to get your MS turned in to your agent. Quita, I’m cheering you on with that revision, lady. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Pam: If I’d chosen a word to describe writing this week, I probably would’ve gone with “challenging” too. “Killing your darlings” sucks and is so hard, but (and I admit this reluctantly) it does always seem to make the story better in the end. Hope you have another productive week and that it feels a little less challenging this time around!

    Quita: I hear you on the pity talks. I’ve had way too many of those lately. I’m glad to hear you’re finding your groove again though and that you’re making real progress with your WIP! Good luck with your goals and I hope you feel super confident and optimistic this week instead!

  3. Quita, I found on Facebook this weekend the following word: Tsundoku: the act of buying a book and leaving it unread, often piled together with other unread books. Sounds familiar?

    So glad you girls are making fantastic progress and have fun with Racquel this week.

    • LOVE this word! So good to know 🙂 I just wanna walk around saying it all the time. However, I’d also like to read my books! And it was so awesome seeing Racquel!

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