Blog Series: Two For One (Co-Writing a Project)

A while back we promised a post on how we went about co-writing our MG project. Since writing the book(s) has been a process we decided to turn one post into a series. Yes, we know…consider it our gift to you 🙂

Phase 1: Drafting

What we did: We sat down together to write out the plot, character sketches, and develop the world & setting. Next, we took turns writing chapters one-by-one. One of us would write a chapter, the other would read over it (revise/edit if necessary) get a feel for the voice, and continue the story.

How’d it  turn out?: The first draft needed plenty of work. While our voice was consistent with each other’s (in terms of the writing style), there were places where the story was disjointed and we needed to make the plot flow and hone the MG voice. We also needed to work on pacing and aspects of tone during revisions.

Will we do it the same way next time?: Most likely we will continue to use the same formatting (writing a chapter, sending to the other writer, etc.) for the next project; however, we might possibly tighten the methods that we used when reading each other’s chapters and continuing the story to save time and work during revisions.

Suggestions?: Are there any other co-authors out there who have better methods for drafting a project?


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