Surviving Rejections: Keep Doing Stuff!

You know when you see that e-mail in your inbox from your agent or from that agent that was at the top of your “To Query” list? You know how your heart sinks when you see that word “unfortunately” or you read “it’s just not right for my list”….or it hasn’t been plainly stated, but you can read between the lines that your work hasn’t been chosen because the publishing world is just. So. Subjective? It’s out of our hands, people. So, what is the best way to get over rejection? Simple. Write, write, and write again. While we are in two different stages of our writing careers (querying versus submission), we both still feel the sting of rejection. We could wallow in said sting and tweet, post, or Instagram about every terrible thing that happens…instead we continue to write. This says it best:

Taken from:

Taken from:

So, what are we working on? We are revising a novel that we co-wrote…and there is a post that is coming on that. A post about what, you ask? You guessed it! A post all about our process of co-authoring a project.  Also, we continue to read (which is research for us writers, you guys know that!), we’re brainstorming new projects, and we’re revising old novels. Also, we’re working on new business endeavors with our Black Fox Literary Magazine partner, Racquel Henry, and we are trying to make connections by attending as many publishing events as possible. The point is, nothing comes from sitting around and “basking” in the self-pity of rejection. Yup, we thought we should share that. This has been a public service announcement.

So, what do you do to get over the dissapointment of rejection after rejection?