X is for…eXams, AP Classes, and Geeks, Oh My!

Controversial Song of the Day:  “Tested and True” by Secondhand Serenade

For the entire month of April, we’ll be participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Our theme for the month? CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS IN YA. Check out the link above for other awesome blogs participating.

Taken from elanorascorner.blogspot.com
First of all, yes–we totally copped out on the letter “X.”
With that said, let me tell you something about Quita and me. We both took honor and AP classes in high school; we were both in chorus in middle school; we’d almost cry when we got a “B” on an assignment; our ideas of fun was visiting the guidance office during lunch to look at the college brochures. Were we geeks?

But so are PLENTY of other people in high school. They study for the SATs to get a near perfect score. They play the tuba in band like its running out of style. They run for office in the Student Council Association with the same fervor as a prom queen/king campaign.


So where are all the novels about these students? My Project J features a very unconventional leading man. Jonah plays the trumpet, constantly speaks of his love for Harvard University, and tutors his classmates to prepare for the SATs.

I have heard plenty a debate about the lack of honor classes mentioned in YA novels, so I scoured the Internet to show some geek pride:

I’ll be honest…it took me a while to conjure up this list. Did I leave any novels out? Also, what are your thoughts on including “smart” or “different” characters in your writing?

*BTW, we by no means think that being smart makes you a “geek.” We just love the word. ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “X is for…eXams, AP Classes, and Geeks, Oh My!

  1. What about John Green's characters? They're often highly intelligent, incredibly well-spoken, and a little geeky (in fact, their overall genius kind of intimidates me!). I enjoy reading about smart characters, especially in YA. Thanks for posting this list… There are a few novels on it I hadn't heard of!

  2. I think Honors or AP classes were mentioned in INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER, and possibly in THE FINE ART OF TRUTH OR DARE. I love reading about geeks/nerds of all shapes and sizesโ€”โ€”closet geeks, loud and proud geeks, you name it (I can totally relate, that's why). We may or may not have the following in our house: a sizable nerd shirt collection, a set of D&D cards/dice/books, every Star Wars & Star Trek movie ever made, and a box or two of ultra-nerdy notes I took in high school classes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Interesting post. I heard on NPR sometime last week that efforts to encourage girls to enter science are currently greatest during middle school. But these wanna-be nerds tend to drop their science and math aspirations during high school when peer pressure intensifies. So your post suggests not all is lost! Yay for nerds!

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