RTW: What’s in a Name?

Writing Song of the Day: “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

Woo hoo! Once again it’s Wednesday, which means once again we get to join the lovely ladies of YA Highway for their Road Trip Wednesday question. This week they want to know:
If you couldn’t use your own name, what would your pseudonym or penname be?
Okay, is it weird that I thought of this answer before…like, A LOT? I would love to write in more than one genre, so I assumed that while I establish myself as Pamela Harris, I may want to try something else out under a new name. I have two choices: Nadine Hunter or Nadine Shelton. Nadine because, well, it’s my middle name (I know–ugh). I chose Hunter because my mom’s maiden name is “Hunt,” and I chose Shelton because that’s my dad’s first name.
Quita used the same formula to pick a penname (sorry, I got too lazy to spell the other word again). She would use either Sherie Hunt or Sherie Levitt. Sherie is her middle name (pronounced like the French word cherie–her mother just tried to get all creative). She chose Hunt because, again, that’s her mother’s maiden name (our moms are sisters–get it?), and she chose Levitt because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. She said, and I quote, “Out of all my celebrity boyfriends, his last name sounds the best with my middle name.”
Don’t worry–me and the rest of the fam are already fitting her for a straitjacket.
What about you all, peeps? Have a name you’d like to use? Which name do you think we should use if given the option?

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