RTW: Come Sail Away With Us

Daydreaming Song of the Day: “Daydreamer” by Adele

It’s Wednesday, AKA the best day of the week for daydreaming and completing a Road Trip post from YA Highway. Okay, maybe not the best day for daydreaming, but the topic this week makes us do just that. This week, the ladies are asking us:

Describe your dream writing retreat. Where would you go? Who and what would you bring?
Funny that this question is coming up right when we’re considering taking a writing retreat in the summer. If we had things our way and didn’t have to worry about money, this is what we’d do.
Where We’d Go:

Beautiful St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands (Close runner up: A quiet area–not desolate–but quiet, somewhere in Italy).

Who We’d Bring:
We’d bring, each other- DUH, also our lil’ sis Racquel, our Weekend of Awesome pals, Alicia, Erinn, Kat, and Holly (not pictured), and our buddy Megan (also, not pictured). Hmm, we need some pics with these girls…
Racquel, Pam, Quita

 Erinn, Kat, Quita, Pam, Alicia
What We’d Bring:


iPads:  ‘Cause we’re kinda obsessed with them. And also because they will be full of musical inspiration, novels to read (for the times we’re stuck on what to write), and hopefully (by that time) the Scrivener App.
Netbooks/Flash Drives: For writing. Nuff said.
Moleskin Notebooks: For those moments that we need to jot down something we might forget later.
Novels: Actual ones that we can hold in our hands–because some novels MUST be held.
Forms of Lubrication (get your minds out of the gutter!): Lotion for Pam & Chapstick for Quita. Also Sun Tan Lotion–’cause ya know, sometimes we’ll have to go on the lovely St. Croix beaches to relax before getting more writing done.
Colored Pens: If we’re revising a printed draft.
Candy and snacks: To refuel and whatever other excuses we can think of to eat all the bad things.
And,um,some adult beverages: Hopefully these will be provided by the wonderful people at our luxurious Virgin Islands resort…for free.
Oh and we also wouldn’t mind bringing a nice, smart (and HOT) island boy back home with us πŸ˜€
What about you? Where would you go and what would you bring with you??

10 thoughts on “RTW: Come Sail Away With Us

  1. Yay! And I would gladly go with you! Lol. I would bring the both of you as well only can we go to a quaint little cottage in England? That would be a dream for me! And I'm obsessed with my IPad too! Can't seem to separate from it…it has become my constant companion! Lol. πŸ™‚

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