We Did It!!

Celebrating Song of the Day: “Oops!…I Did it Again…” by Britney Spears

Saturday, November 26, 2011 is a date that will live in infamy…at least in the household of two greedy, sleep-deprived cousins. You see, we managed to collect this:

That’s right–Quita and I won our second NaNoWriMo challenge! Can we get a woot woot? How about a little dance?

So yeah, my contemporary YA (with a hint of magical realism), So Now You Are Cursed, clocked in at a lovely 56,441 words. And Quita’s contemporary YA, The Captive Soul, ended at an awesome 57,205 words. So, as promised, we treated ourselves to this:

I tell you, victory has never tasted so sweet.
We thought last year’s NaNoWriMo was difficult, but this year was a pure juggling act. I had to work on revisions for another novel, while Quita started up a part-time job (in addition to her full-time one of yelling at…I mean, TEACHING high schoolers). Not to mention everyday we pretty much wanted to punch our WIPs in the face. But with will power, and the thought of chowing down on some Five Guys grub, we got through it.
So now what?
Well, we’re going to ignore our stories for a while–and by a while, I mean MONTHS. Then we’re going to eventually draft ideas for our next WIPs. But most importantly, we’re going to READ like it’s going out of style.
What about you all? Have you finished NaNo yet (if you participated, of course)? What are you going to do with your WIPs once you’re finished? But most importantly, how are you going to REWARD yourselves? πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “We Did It!!

  1. Thanks for the love, you guys! We couldn't have done it with out all of you writerly pals and your support!@Christine–Wise words πŸ˜€ And yes, we are enjoying our time away from writing. More time to read!@Jamie- Don't give up! You might do it :D@ Mrs. Silverstein- OMIGOD, it was sooooo hard completing it while working. We know exactly what you mean. Thanks for commenting!

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