Countdown to NaNo: Trick or Tweet!

Writing Song of the Day: “Story of My Life” by Social Distortion

Ahh, yes–it’s a magical time of the year. Sure, it’s Halloween–but it’s also NaNoWriMo’s eve. Gah!
So Quita and I’ve been planning for NaNo by settling on our story ideas and outlining our plots. And this week it’s all about character, baby!

Sure, we’ll probably do the usual character worksheets and playlists that we’ve grown to love. But for our NaNo projects, we wanted to also try a unique spin. We decided to fabricate Twitter profiles for our main characters! Squeezing in a bio for fictional people in a 140 characters or less? Sounds pretty difficult, right? Well, it was.
Pam’s Characters:
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my NaNo novel is a modern YA version of Cain and Abel, so I decided to create a fake profile for my two main characters–Casey and Aiden.

Casey Porter

@caseclosed Williamsburg, VA

17. Senior. Insert interesting bio here. Seriously, who reads this shit?

Aiden Porter

@aidinfull Williamsburg, VA

Lover of life–that includes my fam and my girl! Wrestling for UVA next year. Full ride, baby! Swag.

Quita’s Characters:

So my story is all about a boy who struggles with his identity after surviving an abduction. I chose to write his bio, along with the girl he may or may not like.

Derek Harris

@darkderek Washington, D.C.

Lacking a soul, but working hard to get it back. Also working hard to find a movie scarier than my life. So far…no go.

Haylee White

@thehayleeexperience Washington, D.C.

Jr. class president & current valedictorian. Engaged to Haze, my electric guitar. Usually searching for nothing.

So, that was tough! What about you all? Have you tried these for your main characters? If not, give it a shot in our comments. πŸ™‚

P.S. Don’t forget to leave us your NaNo usernames so that we can be buddies! Pam is pharris81 and Quita is mhockaday.

9 thoughts on “Countdown to NaNo: Trick or Tweet!

  1. This is a really cool idea, and I'm seriously loving Pam's examples; there's great voice in the bios (snarky and pessimistic much, Casey?), and even their twitter names convey their opposing outlooks (pessimistic vs. optimistic).

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