Countdown to NaNo: It’s Plotting Time!

Writing Song of the Day: “The Plot” by White Rabbits

Okay, we are less than a week away from NaNoWriMo and the nerves are kicking in. Two weeks ago, Quita outlined our prep for NaNo, and this week we had to start outlining our plots.

Confession: we’re not quite finished. But we’re getting there! First, we have these:

That’s right–our Michael Jackson notebooks from our abandoned Plot and Paper Projects. Also, we have this:

This nifty book was given to us by the AWESOME Alicia Gregoire. You see, Quita and I wanted to plot a little differently this time. Instead of filling our MJ notebooks with a few sentences that describes every–single–chapter, we’ve decided to use the Act Formula from this book. What’s that, you ask? Here it is in a nutshell:

Act I: Introduce your protagonist, possibly the villain, and some kind of turning point that startles the reader.

Act II: Huge chunk of the story that introduces subplots, such as a love interest. Your protagonist also has a glimmer of hope. Well, until the second turning point creates IMMINENT DOOM!! Dun dun DUN

Act III: This is where you have a climax that rocks your protagonist’s world, and then wrap this baby up in a quick pace that’ll keep readers turning the pages.

Does that sound like a cool process? Then by all means–by this book! Quita and I would loan you ours but…okay, I can’t think of an excuse. We totally need this book so it’s not leaving the house.

I know you all have mixed feelings about plotting versus pantsing, so how are you all preparing to get your story moving for NaNo? Oh, and if you haven’t done it, yet–leave your usernames so we can be buddies. ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “Countdown to NaNo: It’s Plotting Time!

  1. I'm normally a panster, but I've decided to plot out my NaNo story this time. My fist NaNo story didn't make it past 3 pages, so I've shelved it. I'm always looking for help for plotting and stuff when it comes to NaNo time. I'll give you my NaNo name if you want.

  2. This year I plotted mine out. It's a YA contemporary piece I'm looking forward to finally delving in. Last year I think I bombed in NaNoWriMo because I just thought of something on the spot and attempted to write but wasn't into it and struggled from scene-to-scene, chapter-to-chapter. Hopefully with the outline even if I'm stuck I know how to pursue the plot and such. Write first, revisions later! Happy writing during NaNoWriMo! Maybe I'll see you on the forum(s).

  3. Girls, I'm so excited to hear about how NaNo goes for you. I'm still on the fence about doing it (which does't bode well), because of the revision process. We shall see. Good luck!

  4. @ Christa, I hope you've decided to join us for some awesome NaNoing :DThanks all of enjoying our NaNo updates. Unfortunately we are not co-authoring a project…that would make it a lot easier if we only had to write 25,000 words each ๐Ÿ™‚ Alas, we're taking the long route and doing our own novels. We hope most of you join us.

  5. I am a panster all the way! If I outline, it's usually a waste of time as the characters almost always take me in another direction. To prepare, I kind of just write a list of images or phrases that may trigger a scene and then I'll refer to it if I get stuck. If I'm not referring to the list, then the the characters are doing A LOT of talking! ๐Ÿ™‚

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