RTW: Why We Write

Writing Song of the Day: “One” by Creed

It’s Wednesday…and we know what that means, right? Yes, we’re only two days away from the weekend, but we also get to join the lovely ladies from YA Highway for another Road Trip Wednesday. This week they want to know:

What’s your numero-uno reason for writing?

Well, our response can pretty much be summed into this picture:

That’s right–FREEDOM.

Freedom to say what we want to say.

Freedom to be who we want to be.

Freedom to push away the stress from the real world just for a few hours.

What about you all? Why do YOU write?


17 thoughts on “RTW: Why We Write

  1. I love this answer. I'm cheating today…I need some time to think about my answer, so I'm reading everyone else's first. But this is pretty perfect (and I can relate, as I am liberally re-writing my middle school experience in my novel and it feels great!)

  2. Excellent answer! I think my reason is the sub-category under freedom: FUN. I just enjoy it so much–creating people and places that I can move and shape however I want is really fun…which is another form of freedom, yes? πŸ™‚

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