Friday Fives: Best Summer Reads

Reading Song of the Day: “You’re So Last Summer” by Taking Back Sunday

*sigh* The Summer has officially ended and we are wrapping up our first week of school. That means four days down, 176 to go! But we can still relish in the ah-may-zing books we read over the summer…

What? Paper Hangover wants us to do that???

Well, okay then…

This week’s Friday Fives from that awesome blog group mentioned above is:

What are the FIVE best books you read this summer?
In no particular order, here are the five books we loved on over the summer:

Boy Toy by Barry Lyga : Pretty much any book about a child or a young student being molested by a teacher seems like it would come off “messagy”. But according to Pam, this book doesn’t. It helped her to make sense of why children/teens blame themselves and the healing they go through in order to move on.
Brooklyn, Burning by Steve Brezenoff: Pam gave love to Brezenoff’s new masterpiece here (and also loved on him in other spots on our blog). This book made her feel. And she loved, loved, adored the imagery and mysteriousness of the MC and his/her love interest.
Recovery Road by Blake Nelson: I’ve already loved on this book enough here…but just in case you need to know MORE, know this–Nelson is a master at pacing. The story moves along fast, but not so fast that you’re wondering what the *bleep* happened with that plot line or this conflict. MASTER, I say!
The Iron King by Julie Kagawa: Pam discussed before why she loved this book so much here, but she will add that it’s one of the rare fantasy books that hooked her from the beginning and never let go.

Looking For Alaska by John Green: I am such a late passenger on the John Green train, but I ain’t getting off! This book hooked me from the first page. The MC is likable, believable, and made me feel every single emotion that he was going through. LOVE!

What books did you love all up on this summer?

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