RTW: Chipping The Block

Writing Song of the Day: “Writer’s Block” By Royce Da 5’9 ft. Eminem

It’s Wednesday and guess what happens for us tomorrow?? We go back to work *cries, kicks, screams*.

But in the mean time, we’re hanging out with the ladies of YA Highway for another Road Trip Wednesday. This week’s topic is:

How do you beat writer’s block?

We have two major steps that we go through in order to kick writer’s block a**. They go a lil’ something like this:

1.) Leave it be. You know the saying: a watched pot doesn’t boil? Well a mulled over, stared at, stalked manuscript will also not write itself. If we’re stuck, we leave that idea alone. Whether it’s writing something else (a poem, a short story, plotting a new idea), exercising, or our favorite past times, eating, and watching TV πŸ™‚

2.) Talk it out. Just like when you’re joints are achy and you have to shake them out…when a story is blocked, just talk it out. Preferably with your amazing writing partner/cousin. Don’t have one? You can hire me or Pam for the job πŸ™‚ Really, this works wonders. Pam worked out a major revision point for Wants just by talking about it out loud to me.

We’re always looking for more advice, peeps. What do you all do to beat writer’s block?


63 thoughts on “RTW: Chipping The Block

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