Baby WIPs: Pam’s Edition!

Reminiscing Song of the Day: “For the First Time” by The Script

We’re baaaaaack!! And seriously, we’ve missed you guys. Never fear, though–over the next few weeks, we plan on giving you book reviews, recaps of our trip to this year’s LA SCBWI conference, and maybe even a giveaway or two.
But first…as some of you may know, Quita and I were in the middle of moving. And in the middle of moving, we came across a few hidden gems. For me, it was this:

This just happens to be one of my very 1st notebooks. At 7 years old, I already knew I wanted to be a writer. I thought it would be cute to type up one of my early stories for our lovely followers (Quita will dig up something from her archives next week). So, without further ado, here is:

Never Say Never by Pamela Harris (typos purposely left in so that you can tease me)
One Spring morning there lived a boy named Tootie. He was 6 years old. He lived with his big sister Mary, his mother Suzie and his daddy Niko. His sister always picks on him because she thinks he gots a girl name.
Why are you always picking on me, said Tootie.
Because you got a girl name, said Mary.
I never want to see you again! said Tootie.
Suits me! said Mary.
He told his friend Erica how mean his sister is. Well, said Erica, Sounds like you got a real bad sister.
Erica told her friend Sesly who told her friend Nick who told his friend Johnathan who told his friend Jenifer who told Marys boyfriend Mike.

I wish I could move in here and never see you again, Tootie! said Mary.
Then get out! said Tootie.
Shut up! said Niko. Your mother got an headache from yall and she had to take an aspirin!
Thats OK said Suzie. It’s gone now.
You just made all my friends think I’m not shiek! said Mary.
Humph, said Tootie. I don’t care!
Grrr! said Mary.
I want you to tell all of her friends that your sister is not bad at all! said Suzie.
So Tootie told all her friends that Marys not bad at all.
Thanks said Mary. Now I won’t tease on you any more.
Sure, said Tootie.
The End!
Such tension! Such conflict! Oh, and to cap it off, here is my drawing of the happy family:

I really must love you guys to share that “masterpiece.” What about you all? Come across any early stories that were as epic as “Never Say Never” (by the way–why in the world did I call it that?)?

15 thoughts on “Baby WIPs: Pam’s Edition!

  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, everyone. Glad to say that my writing has improved dramatically. πŸ™‚ Oh, and Jessica–we TOTALLY need to meet up in LA!

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