You Win Some…And You Win Some

“Winning” Song of the Day: “Right In Two” by Tool

First of all, sorry for the Charlie Sheen quote–it had to be done. Secondly, are you ready for some winners from our TWO HUNDRED followers contest???

We had TWO prize packs up for grabs for TWO winners.

Two…it’s such a nice number. Why don’t we take a moment to admire some unique two’s:

Wow…the number 2- spelled out!

A snaky two…

Elmo says “hi” from his two…

Two people hanging out on a two…

A balloon filled two…

Have you had enough two’s??? Hope not b/c we still have to announce our TWO winners! Without further delay…

The Winner of the Reading Prize Pack is…


The Winner of the Writer’s Prize Pack is…


Thanks to EVERYONE who entered. And don’t worry, you know we’ll have more contests for you later!!! Winners, check your e-mails for further insturctions πŸ˜€

WAIT! Before you go. We have a favor to ask. We’ve noticed that a few of our bloggy pals have been requesting questions from their followers. We would like to do the same. Ask us ANYTHING! How do we start writing new WIPs, how do we like to drink our coffee, how do we manage to not kill one another every day…whatever! We’ll collect the questions and answer them next Monday, April 4th, 2011! We look forward to your questions!


9 thoughts on “You Win Some…And You Win Some

  1. Yay for the winners! I have a question for you Pam…how did you know when your WIP was ready for agent queries? Obviously you had done enough editing (since you snagged a super-agent!), so how did you know it was good enough?And for you both: Why didn't you invite me to the conference?! 😦

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