YA Blogosphere Lovefest: We LUVS Abby!!! (Plus our Contest Winner)

Speading the Love Song of the Day: “Valentine’s Day” by Linkin Park

We signed up to join in the YA Blogosphere Lovefest hosted by Kate Hart, Kristin Miller, Sarah Enni, and Tahereh Mafi. The lovefest scheduled to occur today, the lovey dovey-iest of all days. Valentine’s Day. Would you like to know the history of how this day began? No? Good, cuz we don’t feel like telling you. We would much rather get right into loving on our chosen YA Writing Valentine.

Who did we get???

Abby “The Tabby Catt” Stevens!!!

And why is she awesome???? See for youself…

How do we Love Abby? Let us Count the Ways…

She’s creative and unique, always thinking on her feet
Prodigal Maggie is a story concept that can’t be beat
She’s loyal and loving to her fellow YA bloggers and writers
Giving out books and holding contests it seems like she never tires
Creating blogfests and buttons that are almost as cute as her smile
Amusing and entertaining her followers all the while
She loves Harry Potter like a fat kid loves snack cakes
She provides insight on publishing, letting us know what it takes
Abby stomps for the cause for our wounded and fallen soldiers
The girl is amazing, I thought we told ya?

Now that we’ve told ya how awesome Abby “The Tabby Catt” Stevens is, why don’t you go and check her out for yourself? You can get to her blog by clicking here, and you can stalk her life(follow her) on Twitter by clicking here!

Happy Valentine’s Day ALL! Do you have anyone you wanna give some love to, today?

Wait…are we forgetting something???

OH YEAH!!! The winner of our $35.00 cupcake gift card to Edibles Incredible Desserts is…

Valerie Ipson!!!

Congrats, Valerie! Make sure to check your email later today….

17 thoughts on “YA Blogosphere Lovefest: We LUVS Abby!!! (Plus our Contest Winner)

  1. Oh! This brought tears to my eyes! You two are definitely two of my favorite bloggy friends (and why haven't we met up yet?! We really must!).I definitely do love HP like a fat kid loves snack cakes (maybe even more!) :DY'all are THE BEST!Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day!(And congrats to Valerie!)

  2. Abby is fabulous! And what a great way to get to know the girl who posted such a sweet valentine to me on her blog! Love this blogosphere lovefest πŸ™‚ And it's SO good to "meet" you, Pam and Marquita! We'll have to talk Leo very soon…

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