We’re Kinda Sweet on You! (Contest!!)

Lovey Dovey Song of the Day: “Your Love” by Nicki Minaj

Okay, we’re not the most romantic people in the world. In fact, we usually snicker/scoff/vomit during the kissing-in-the-rain love scenes in movies. But something we do love?

So with Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, we decided to celebrate the only way we knew how…with cupcakes!!

Does this look good to you?

Or this…

Or, OMG, this?

Then you HAVE to enter this contest!! Just fill out the form below and Random.org will pick one lucky follower to win a $35 gift certificate to Edibles Incredible Desserts. You’ll have until Sunday, 5 PM EST to enter. We’ll announce the winner on, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day! (BTW-unfortunately this company only delivers to the US. Sorry, International followers *sad face*)

Good luck!


28 thoughts on “We’re Kinda Sweet on You! (Contest!!)

  1. Yummy! Cupcakes! Cake is pretty much my favorite food! Those pictures look scrumptious! Lol. I finally have a chance to sit down and enter this baby! Happy Valentine's Day to all! πŸ™‚

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