It’s Not Too Late!!

Writing Song of the Day: “Never Too Late” by Three Days Grace

So tomorrow, Quita and I will share our souls with you all. Okay, that’s a tad dramatic, but we will be hosting the 99th Page Blogfest along with Alicia, Holly, and Erinn. Basically, we’re going to post page 99 of one of our WIPs and see if you all would like to read more. Sure, it’s scary, but the writing community is SOOO supportive. Won’t you join us? Click here for more deets.

Also, Quita and I are still celebrating the fact that we’ve reached over 100 followers. We’re AMAZED at how that number keeps growing!! Thank you all so much, and please be sure that we’ll have plenty of amusing (yet informative–we hope) posts and maybe a few goodies every now and then for you all. Have you entered yet? Then what are you waiting for??

That’s our news break for you all. Do you have any news to share? Any contest of blogfests you’re participating in? Please spread the word in the comments!


7 thoughts on “It’s Not Too Late!!

  1. I'm hosting my first blogfest on February 8, Rewrite That! Teen Movies with a Twist. Each participant must rewrite a scene from their favorite teen movie, but include at least one paranormal or mythological creature in it! For more info go to, I already have your contest posted on my sidebar, but I will post the blogfest, too. I'm really looking forward to your blogest. I was thinking about entering, but I just don't like posting much from my WIP online. Can't wait to read your 99th pages, though! πŸ™‚

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