RTW: Living in a YA World

Reading Song of the Day: “Dream World” by Robin Thicke

Guess what time it is, lovelies? It’s road trip time! And yet again the ladies at YA Highway are asking us a unique and thought-provoking question. This week they want to know: If you could live in the story world of one book what would it be?

Our reaction to this question???



*Got it!*

A bunch of dystopian worlds came to mind right away, but seriously–who wants to be a part of the Hunger Games?? So, here are a few areas we wouldn’t mind living in:

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare–A world where supernatural creatures exist but only a select few are aware of them. We probably never really want to come across a werewolf or a vampire, but the underground world Ms. Clare creates is both fun and gritty. Not to mention Jace would be there. *swoon*

Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris– Bon Temps, LA doesn’t exactly sound like the best place to live, but if you can chill with people like strong-willed Sookie and her boss/friend Sam, wouldn’t you move there in a heartbeat? Not to mention that vampires are recognized members of the normal society and if you wanted to, you could get to know Bill and Eric. Oh, and don’t forget the werewolf with the heart of gold, we love you Alcide!

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins–Ummmm, it takes place in Paris. Need we say more?? We have been DYING to tour Europe one day. A few days in Italy, Spain, and France would pretty much complete our lives. We went to England for our MFA program and practically had to be dragged kicking and screaming back home. If only we could have taken more days from work while we were already in Europe. *sigh*

Hey, that was kinda fun 🙂 We’d love for you to join in–what story world would you want to live in?

BTW- The YA Highway ladies that mentioned above? The ones we stalk? Yes, them. They’re hosting a contest full of ALA ARCS- it’ll blow your mind. Check it out here!


14 thoughts on “RTW: Living in a YA World

  1. I vote for Anna and the French Kiss as long as that super hot guy is there!!! Yum. DUDES do you see how many followers you have now! You're total rock stars!

  2. Aww, you guys should travel to Europe again! It may seem like there are obstacles making it impossible, but I bet you really could make it happen, even if it meant doing it on a tiny budget. 🙂 Anyway, love these choices! To catch a glimpse of Jace… hehe.

  3. I agree with you guys on Anna and the French Kiss. If I were to choose a story in my own genre it would be Bridget Jones because it takes place in England, where I would LOVE to live! 🙂

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