Contest: 100 Followers CELEBRATION!!!

Partying Song of the Day: “Get the Party Started” by Pink

Aaaahhh! We did it, we FINALLY did it!!!! We reached the 100 followers mark. We’ve been waiting for this moment for all of our lives…okay, maybe not all our lives but you know what we mean.

Anyway, this is cause for a celebration! Which means, it’s contest tiiiiiiiiime!

*fist pump*

So, here’s how it’s gonna go people. You all can fill out the form below–make sure you include your first and last name before you click “submit”–by January 28th, 2011 12am EST. Then we will announce (Update!) FOUR winners January 31st, 2011. These FOUR winners will need to contact us at The first person to contact us will get first dibs on the prizes.

What are the prizes you ask????

We answer:

1.) A 10 page critique from BOTH of us on anything that you are writing or have written. (And don’t forget that Pam is agented and that means something…so we hope!)

2.) A 3 book prize pack of some of the most anticipated books of 2011: Across the Universe by Beth Revis, a pre-order of Kirsten Hubbard’s Like Mandarin, and a pre-order of Veronica Roth’s Divergent

3.) A $25.00 gift card to

4.) UPDATE: A query critique from KM Walton! She’s also represented by the lovely Sarah LaPolla of Curtis Brown LTD, and her debut novel, Everything’s Not Lost, will be published in Spring 2012 by Simon Pulse! You can check out her awesome query that nabbed Sarah here.

So, what are you waiting for??? Join in with our party and fill out the form below. Happy Contest Entering!!!

BTW- Tune in to the blog on Thursday for an awesometastic interview with Pam’s super agent, Sarah LaPolla of Curtis Brown LTD.

BTW #2-Check out an interview with us on the FAB blog, Jest Kept Secret, here!


66 thoughts on “Contest: 100 Followers CELEBRATION!!!

  1. I found you a few days ago through the interview with Sarah LaPolla, and didn't notice this fabulous contest you have going on till now. Very cool! Congrats on 167 Followers! Fabulous. 🙂

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