RTW: Us In a Nutshell

Writing Song of the Day: “It’s All About Me” Mya ftg. Sisqo

It’s Wednesday so that can only mean one thing. No, not America’s Next Top Model–last week was the finale. It means our chicas at YA Highway is once again inviting everyone to participate in Road Trip Wednesday. This week they want us to give them our six-word memoirs. That’s right–our life stories in just. Six. Words. This is hard for two ladies who are self-acclaimed motormouths, but here goes it:
Pam’s Memoir: I came. I saw. I whimpered.

Okay, that sounds really pathetic, but it’s actually more inspiring than you think. I tend to whine and procrastinate sometimes when I have to get things done. But once I’ve accomplished something major–whether it’s write a first draft, meet a deadline at work, or get a request for a full–the victory is that much sweeter. So yeah, I may whimper at times, but I dust myself off and try again and again until I’m successful.

Quita’s Memoir: Know where I’ve been to go.

Quita is a history buff (SNORE–just kidding. Kinda.) In fact, she teaches history full-time while pursuing her writing career. She feels that it’s best to learn from her mistakes in order to keep moving forward. If something didn’t work before, she’s going to figure out why and then keep going until she gets it right. I’m serious–I’ve seen her try to assemble things without an instructional manual. Pure torture.

So that’s us in a nutshell. What would YOUR six-word memoir be? πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “RTW: Us In a Nutshell

  1. I totally agree – so hard to get things condensed down into six words. Actually, my husband probably wouldn't have a problem, but then he isn't nearly the motor-mouth I am. πŸ™‚ Great memoirs.

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