Dreamy Wishing

Fantasizing Song of they Day: “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry (check it out on the Rock With Us tab)

Oh hey, Wednesday…it’s you again.

Well, at least our home girls at YA Highway posed an AWESOME question for their elusive Road Trip Wednesday. What are these clever girls asking us today??? They simply want to know: What movie do you wish had been a book first? And if it were a book, who should have written it?

This took me and Pam all off oh… TEN SECONDS to come up with our choice. We definitely would have read Inception if it were a book first.

As a matter of fact, after we saw the movie we spent days, okay weeks…okay months, talking about how uber amazing this movie was and how we wished we had come up with this concept for a YA series (Inception is actually responsible for the birth of our collaboration project).

Why would Inception make a good book? Great plot line- check. Great characters- check. Twists and turns within the great plot line- check! An ending that keeps you guessing- CHECK!!!!

**Disclaimer– it’s just a coincidence that two of the guys we stalk starred in this film (Joseph Gordon Levitt and Leonardo DiCaprio *swoons*) they in no way influenced this choice**

As for the second part of the question, we also quickly decided Chuck Palahniuk would be the ULTIMATE writer for Inception as a novel. Don’t believe us? Have you read Fight Club, Choke, or Stranger Than Fiction? Okay then, read them and then try and tell us he wouldn’t kill the novel.

Now that we’ve successfully taken up at least ten minutes of your day…tell us, what movie do you wish was a book first??


12 thoughts on “Dreamy Wishing

  1. EASY A would be a good novel!And suuuuure it's just a coincidence that JGL and Leo are in it. Suuure. (J/k!)I loved INCEPTION and thought it was an awesome movie! Your answer is the best I've come across so far today! πŸ™‚

  2. Hmmm tough question. I can't think of one. It seems like these days most movies were already books! I still need to watch Inception. You guys have suggested that since residency. Another thing on my to do list!

  3. Yay Inception! I totally flaked on naming an author because I just dont know enough writers well enough to judge! But I have no doubt Chucky P would have made it incredible.

  4. I love JGL as well, awesome actor and he just seems like a cool guy. Have ya'll seen his website hitrecord.org? Its a very cool community of artists of all types coming together to just make great things.

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