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Once upon a time two girls tried to run a contest for their NaNoWriMo novels. Now, these girls are writers…but they suck royally at picking out titles. They sent out a notice for their writing buddies to lend a hand. While some of them tried and came up with some really GREAT titles (thanks ladies!) none of them seemed to be the right fit for the two girls and their nameless WIPs.

Which makes them feel like this:

Okay, cutting to the chase. Even though we extended the contest in hopes of more entries…we received four submissions to our contest. Four really unique, interesting, and talented novel titles that are just not right for us. However, we didn’t want Alex Mullarky, KO, Abby Stevens, and Holly Dodson to go away empty handed (you RAWK so much ladies!!!). Therefore, we are offering a $5.00 Borders gift card to each of you.
Please e-mail me at: with your name, home address and your e-mail address. I will try and send the gift cards electronicaly and if that doesn’ t work I will use your mailing addresses to send the gift card to your home.

Thanks again for entering ladies and we hope the gift card helps you buy a book you’ve been looking forward to reading!

***BTW- this means we still have TWO novels to give away at some point in the future…stay tuned!***


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