Write Like a…Fox??

Writing Song of the Day: “Right Above It” by Lil’ Wayne ft. Drake

What’s up, writers/readers?? As we get ready to attend another writer’s conference this fall (James Rivers Writers- woot woot!) and you all get ready to go into a great weekend, we would like to encourage you to submit some of your fantastic writing to our new up and running literary magazine.

The Black Fox Literary Magazine is a quarterly online lit mag for all types of writing (come on YA writers!!!) started by us and our writer friend (and adopted little sister) Racquel Henry. We are all attending a low residency MFA program together, and realized that our styles of writing are highly unrepresented in the literary world. Racquel had the brilliant idea to start a literary magazine that will showcase all genres/styles of fiction and we jumped right on board!

The Black Fox (partly named for the foxes that we NEVER got to see while in New Jersey) lit mag is focused on promoting talented writers from all fiction genres. We would love to especially highlight the fiction genres that are not as represented in other literary magazines (did we already say come on YA writers?). The magazine is now accepting submissions for our first issue that will be released Summer 2011. Right now we also have two contests, one for a cover story (with the writer getting a special shout out!) and cover art.

So please go to the site to check out submission guidelines, learn more about the editors of the magazine, and to enter some contests. I mean, come on- who doesn’t like to enter a contest?

Also follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/blackfoxlit


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