RTW: Our DUFF Kits!

Writing Song of the Day: “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry

Omigod! Omigod! The Duff by the awesomtastic Kody Keplinger has finally been released! Pam is awaiting her copy (I have to keep her from sleeping by the mailbox) and once she releases it, Quita will be snatching it from her strong grasp- hey, she may have little hands but she has a mighty grip! Our peeps at YA Highway are celebrating Kody’s book release with a waaaay cool Road Trip Wednesday question. We are happy to oblige and delve into the fun- the question this week is what’s in our DUFF Kits? Interested in the rules??? Go here and check it out.

Pam’s DUFF Kit-

1.) Big ‘ol glass of lemonade OR a strawberry Margarita

2.) Bedroom slippers- preferably cute ones πŸ™‚

3.) Leonardo DiCaprio films- including Romeo and Juliet, The Departed, and most definitely Inception!!!!

4.) Ooey gooey fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, and Sour Neon Trolli Worms

5.) Old high school/middle school gym uniform T-shirts…nice and worn in πŸ™‚

Quita’s DUFF Kit-

1.) Code Red Mountain Dew OR a mango Margarita

2.) Flip Flops OR Bedroom slippers

3.) Mash up of Jake Gyllenhaal- Brokeback Mountain (sigh), Prince of Persia– Robert Pattinson- Eclipse, Remember Me, and Joseph Gordon Levitt- Mysterious Skin, Brick, and of course Inception!!!

4.) Anything that mixes peanut butter and chocolate-yuuummm- cupcakes, and Sour and Sweet Gummy Lifesavers

5.) Backstreet Boys T-shirt where you can no longer make out the faces of said boys 😦

Yes, we love our snacks damnit!

Now please, tell us what would you put in your DUFF Kit!!

7 thoughts on “RTW: Our DUFF Kits!

  1. no fair, making my mouth water– there are no freshly baked cookies here, actually no freshly baked ANYTHING!Love all the movie pics, too. And there is nothing like a really worn T-shirt.

  2. I needs me a DUFF kit. LOL. I finished reading the book a couple of nights ago — in one sitting and it was FABULOUS.For my DUFF kit, I would definitely need a lemon drop martini and some York peppermint patties, but you got it right with the Leonardo and/or Jake.

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