Music Monday: Composing a Book Series

Writing Song of the Day: Sing for Absolution by Muse (check it out below!)

Hey aces! So, we recently read an awesome post on the Blue Lipstick Samurai’s blog where she talked about the ingredients to writing a good novel. This inspired today’s post on composing (because it is Music Monday after all) a book series.

We are toiling with an idea in our minds for a novel that could possibly turn into a series (although we intend to write the first book as a stand alone- no pretentiousness here- WE PROMISE!) and we came to the conclusion that before we start we need to figure out the perfect “notes” in order to put together our “song.”

The Instruments You will Need:

1.) Characters- Varying types of people- some dark (think bass guitar), some cheery, eccentric and loud (think electric guitar) and some characters that are somberly in the background always sensing the doom (think acoustic guitar).

2.) Conflicting and twisting plots- Interweaving story lines that rise and fall within the story (think piano).

3.) Romance- Smoldering heat between characters- that of course causes more conflict and twisting plots (think violins).

4.) Action- Intense scenes of minutely described action- where the bad guys excel, but then they fall and the good guys prevail… but then you find out that the bad guys are still around because you need to have a second book, right? (think drums & symbols).

Throw all of those together and you get plenty of the successful YA series out there…and come on, you can’t tell us that this doesn’t sound like the perfect Muse song!

For more advice on composing book series check these out:

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4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Composing a Book Series

  1. Great post! Great break down of the "instruments you will need." Marquita your hair is so long! Looks good! lol…and I have a proposition for you guys! I am DYING to tell you and hopefully you will be just as excited as I am! You will have to wait until the residency though! 🙂

  2. Racquel, LMAO- yes, "my" hair is long- too bad it's coming out in a few days hee hee…but thanks 🙂 And Pam and I are dying to know this news. What is it????BLS, Hmmm- a flute can possibly fit in with the romance, or maybe even the "best friends"- cause you have to have those in a book series too, right?Thanks for the comments ladies.

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