Our Agent Wish List: Naomi Hackenberg

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It’s time to find you an agent again! This time, we’re highlighting the wonderful Naomi Hackenberg from Elaine P. English, PLLC. Ms. Hackenberg has assisted Ms. English since 2008 and is now building her own list of YA writers. That’s right–she’s seeking young adult projects. Intrigued yet? Well, here’s more info:

Why I Heart Her: Hmm, besides the fact that she wants YA and I write YA? She’s also a very “hands on” agent–making sure that each of her clients’ manuscripts reaches full potential before sending it out on submission to editors. Seems like this is common-sense, but I’ve read enough horror stories to know that this is not always the case.

Why You’ll Heart Her: Because she’s new and shiny! She is actively trying to build her own client list. Oh, and her postings on the Elaine P. English blog rawk. Simply put.

Who She Represents: Ms. Hackenberg is still relatively new, so I could not find much information on her current clients (though I am aware that she is shopping around some paranormal projects). However, her agency represents Misty Evans, Bettye Griffin, and Diane Whiteside among many others.

What She’s Looking For: Exclusively YA–including paranormal, urban fantasy, dystopia, and contemporary.

Notable Net Nuggets:

Elaine P. English blog entries

Mother. Write. (Repeat.) interview



Agent Query

Absolute Write Water Cooler thread

How to Submit to Her: Send an e-query only. If she’s interested in seeing more, she’ll ask you to snail mail the first three chapters, or the first 50 pages if your chapters are short. For more submission info, click here.

There you have it. If you write YA, I would definitely consider querying Ms. Hackenberg. Everything I’ve read about her has been nothing but pleasant. Good luck!

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