A Rock Star Idea!

Writing Song of the Day: Party like a Rock Star (Remix) by Da Shop Boyz feat. Lil’ Wayne, Jim Jones, and Chamillionare (check it out on our PLAYLIST)

Hey, aces! Fancy meeting you here- wait, don’t go! You’re not at the wrong blog!!! Yes, this was formally- See Pam Write, See Pam Run- and it is essentially the same blog ( I promise!) so don’t un-follow. However, the blog is getting a makeover because two unstopable writing forces have collided and created….


Me (Quita) and Pam have combined our literary, creative, and total rock star forces in order to bring you a blog that delves into BOTH of our crazy mind. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. So, due to the mash-up we created an all new line-up to share with and help you, our fellow writers/readers/plain-old-blog-lovers. Like to hear it? Here it goes!
Monday: Music Monday – (we connect our two favorite worlds- writing and music)

Tuesday: Agent Wish List- (highlighting AWESOME agents)
Wednesday: YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday-(we participate in the YA Highway festivities)
Thursday: Road to Publication Series- (we give advice for getting your A+ work published)
Friday: Free/Fun Friday- (we talk about whatever we want relating to life and writing- but refrain from giving you the details of the perfect Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones that we may have eaten for lunch)

Oh, before WE forget!!! We will be hosting a contest for all of you beautiful people. Why? Two reasons 1.) to celebrate the fact that this blog passed 50 followers last week, and 2.) to celebrate the collision of our writerly forces.

We will announce the guidelines sometime this week so stay tuned and have a happy Memorial Day!


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