Ouch! It Hurts So Good!

Workout Song of the Day: “Die by the Drop” by The Dead Weather

They’ve done it again. YA Highway, that is. And by “it,” I mean ask a killer question for Road Trip Wednesday. This week they want to know: “what tattoo would you get to celebrate your book’s success?”

So, I was supposed to get a tattoo years ago. I have this cousin (not this one, but her older sister) who’s like a million times cooler than me, and it seems like she gets a tattoo every other week. Hell, even my mom has about five of them. She even got another one just last month right on her lower back. I know. I shuddered, too.

Thus, in order to not look like the big nerd that I actually am, I vowed that I would get a tattoo like all the hip chicks in my family. Then I chickened out. And I blamed it on money, when really I cry from flu shots–can you imagine what getting a tattoo would do to me?

Yes, that’s me as a blond, curly-haired boy. But I digress.

If I ever FINALLY make it in the publishing biz, I’m going to put my big girl britches on and finally get a tattoo. And this is what it would look like:

This is an image of my zodiac sign, Taurus (yes, my b-day just passed. You may start sending your belated gifts now). Everyone always jokes and says that they knew I was a Taurus because I’m so stubborn. Being that I’m a counselor, I know how to put a positive spin on things. So instead of saying “stubborn,” I’m going to say the Taurus symbol represents persistence.

And when you think about it, don’t you need persistence to make it in the pub industry? I’ve had my fair share of rejections already. Some bring me close to tears; some make me want to punch a hole in the wall. But you know what? I keep going. No matter how puffy my eyes get or how much my knuckles sting. I LOVE writing. And I’ll keep doing it regardless if I get published or not. But that tattoo sure does look pretty. Let’s hope I get good news one day! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Ouch! It Hurts So Good!

  1. Really cool choice- and is it just me or is that tat hella awesome? And I know all too well what you mean about being too chicken about getting a tattoo. One day we'll do it together and hold hands, kay? :)BTW- the blond curly haired white kid? Striking resemblance!

  2. LOL @ KeeKee and the kid! Yep, TOTALLY looks like you, Pam! :)I'm glad I'm not to only one who's a sissy when it comes to needles! And I'm a Taurus, too. April 25. Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. I LOVE this question! I happen to already have two tattoos; my 16-year-old self thought it would be awesome to pick something from the board at the tattoo place (bad idea!), and my just turned 18-year-old self thought it would be great to get another one on my lower back (no, i had no clue a lower back tattoo was called a "tramp-stamp"!)Anyhoo, this question is super easy for me and I would seriously get this… If my book ever got published, I would get a tattoo of a mixtape! Don't worry, nothing huge, maybe something an inch long. Not sure where I would put it though. Now that I have actually said it out loud, I really want a tattoo of that mixtape. Ok, I gotsta get to working on revising it!

  4. That's a great Taurus symbol. I love it.The tattoo doesn't hurt that bad depending on where you get it though. Try to avoid places where there's not a lot of meat. Like, the ankle bone would be painful.

  5. I had to laugh because my husband is always saying he never should've married a psych major because we know how to spin words around to our advantage (I'm assuming you studied psych since you're a counselor). Persistence is definitely not the same thing as being stubborn. It must be a translation error. Haha! Great post!

  6. Oooh, I love that version of the Taurus symbol. I'm a gemini and I really dig the twins symbol (basically a Roman numberal II). Very personal and meaningful and simple. Winner!

  7. Thanks for all the feedback, ladies. 🙂 Kierah, I minored in psych, actually–so I am quite familiar with tipping things to my advantage! And you guys are right, it sort of does look like a mirror-image/ink blot. Wow, I'm way deeper than I give myself credit for.

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