My Agent Wish List: Jennifer Laughran

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After a brief hiatus, I’m back to highlight more amazing literary agents that I would be beyond speechless if they’ve ever decided to represent me. And since I heart you all, I’m also giving you information just in case you decide to query them and make your wishes come true. This week, I’m giving love to the incredible Jennifer Laughran from Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Ms. Laughran’s publishing track record proves that she’s someone you’d want in your corner.

Why I Heart Her: Because one of her job titles is a “kids/YA specialist.” Being that I plan on making a career of writing YA novels, I definitely want someone who considers themselves to be specialist in the field to have my back and help me make decisions.

Why You’ll Heart Her: Because of instead of asking you to hop on the latest trend bandwagon, she just wants all writers to write “an awesome book.” Oh, and she’s pretty sure that she could sell it, too.

Who She Represents: LK Madigan, author of the smash YA debut, Flash Burnout; Kate Messner; Ilsa Bick; and Daniel Pinkwater

What She’s Looking For: She focuses primarily on middle grade and YA, and her favorite stories deal with “offbeat” worldviews. She also like unforgettable characters and vivid settings.

Notable Net Nuggets:

Andrea Brown Literary Agency website

Cynsations Interview

Guide to Literary Agents: Notes from a conference

Announcement of becoming an agent also on GLA

Twitter (and she updates frequently!)

Jennifer Represents Blog (she just started to post new material!)

Guest post on Justine Larbalestier’s blog

Interview for Writing Wednesday

Market My Words post


Publishers Marketplace

Absolute Write Agent-in-Residency thread

How to Submit to Her: Please click here for accurate submission guidelines.

As you can see, Ms. Laughran is a constant presence on the Internet which means you can do plenty of research before querying. I’ll probably be knocking at her door at the end of May–won’t you join me? Good luck!


2 thoughts on “My Agent Wish List: Jennifer Laughran

  1. YES PAM – This really lovely personality has been seen quite a lot around the blogosphere lately. It's VERY encouraging when agents make themselves visible like this. Makes the whole process a lot less terrifying!Good luck at the end of May…maybe I'll be ready at the end of summer.Hi Marquita – totally agree – she seems SUPER COOL!

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