My Agent Wish List: Kathryn Green

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So this week I decided to showcase the very talented Kathryn Green from the Kathryn Green Literary Agency. Kathryn started her own agency in 2004 after spending 25 years in the publishing industry. That’s a mega amount of experience, which I’m sure is beneficial to all of her clients. Since I couldn’t find a legit picture of Ms. Green, I chose a clip art of how I’m sure she actually looks while working. Pretty awesome, huh?

Why I Heart Her: I just picked up a wonderful collection of YA short stories called Bleed written by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Since I fell in love with her writing so much, I did some research and discovered that she’s kinda a big deal in the YA world–and Ms. Green is the genius behind the genius.

Why You’ll Heart Her: Because her response time is on point! I’ve checked both QueryTracker and the Absolute Write Water Cooler and noticed that she responds to queries in record time–some even receiving input from her in the same day!

Who She Represents: Aside from the ultra talented Laurie Stolarz, Ms. Green also reps Bobby Mercer, Kristin Levine, and Jennifer Joyner among many others.

What She’s Looking For: Popular fiction; young adult fiction; nonfiction including the three P’s–pop culture, parenting, and prescriptive how-to’s.

Notable Net Nuggets:

How to Submit to Her: Send email queries (with NO ATTACHMENTS) to

There you have it. Now that I’ve done most of the work for you, send your queries off!


3 thoughts on “My Agent Wish List: Kathryn Green

  1. This really is such a wonderful thing you do! Thanks for introducing us to all these agents. Now all I need to do is finish another project so I have something to submit!

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