Teaser Tuesday Contest: Day 1!

Workout Song of the Day: “Stockholm Syndrome” by Muse

Weight Loss Thus Far: 12 Pounds Baby–one more week to go! I’m pushing for three pounds this week to make it an even 15.

As I mentioned last week, each Tuesday for the month of April, I’ll be posting the first lines of a YA novel on my “Must Read” list. If you know what novel the opening lines come from, shoot me an email at pamharris1981@gmail.com. Please post “Teaser Tuesday Contest” in the subject line. I’ll be accepting responses until midnight tonight, EST.

Remember, I’ll be picking two winners at the end of the month to win a $25 gift card to Borders!

I’m starting it off kinda easy–here we go:

“When I wake up, the other side of my bed is cold. My fingers stretch out, seeking Prim’s warmth but finding only the rough canvas cover of the mattress.”

That’s it. What are you waiting for? Shoot me an email!


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