Did I Really Just Write That?

Workout Song of the Day: “Mess of Me” by Switchfoot

So, a few days ago I wrote a post about my “dream agent.” Then I read this. Then I felt stupid.

I guess I should explain myself. Sometimes, you read about someone that seems so absotively, posilutely right for you, that you find yourself wearing blinders. When I first read about “The Artist Formerly Known as Dream Agent,” I couldn’t get over how much alike we are. And then when I researched her clients, I saw that their writing styles were quite similar to mine–or at least how I strive to write. I thought we were like chocolate frosting on donuts–so ridiculously right for each other.

But that meant that I was narrowing my options.

After I read said post, I realized that I wasn’t opening doors for myself. I started going to blogs and writing forums to read about other agents and, whaddayaknow, I saw other ones that seemed “right” for me. It’s not that I’m giving up on “The Artist…”–I just think it’s time for us to see other people. I’ll query everyone who I feel is a right fit, and see what’s meant to be. My “dream agent” will ultimately be the person who will fight for my writing–and I probably haven’t even heard of him/her yet.

With that said, I will continue “My Agent Wish List” series next Monday. Hopefully, I’ll find the perfect match for you all. 🙂


One thought on “Did I Really Just Write That?

  1. I hope that you do continue the series for people like me, you know the lazy ones who want one-stop shopping 🙂 When I read your blog and see the agents I can decide if I want to look them up more on the Internet without having to do it myself. You provide a great service here! This is a really good post, and I'm glad I read it before I labeled someone my "dream agent."

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