If I Was a Rich Girl

Workout Song of the Day: “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani (Hmm, wonder why)
My peeps over at YA Highway once again have posed a nice question for their Road Trip Wednesday. During last week’s trip, pretty much NOBODY wanted to emulate Stephenie Meyer or JK Rowling’s careers (myself included). This is not to say that they aren’t great writers, it’s just to say that a lot of us would hate having all of those expectations. We’re talking about millions upon millions of people clamoring for your next work, ready to attack you if the outcome is not what they wanted. I know this. I wasn’t fond of Breaking Dawn at all. My fingers were itching to send an email to Ms. Meyer demanding my money back. But I digress.
Even though we wouldn’t want to have their careers, we would LOVE their moolah. So YA Highway wants to know, what would you do with all of that money? I think the appropriate question would be: what WOULDN’T I do (cue cheesy drum snare)? Here’s a list of things I plan on doing once (key word, here) I make a million or more dollars:

1. Pay off my student loans

2. Pay off my car loan.
3. Pay off remaining credit cards (I’m noticing a trend here).

4. Pay off all of my mom’s loans.

5. I guess throw dad in there, too.

6. Buy a house.

7. Buy Leo DiCaprio so that he can move in said house with me.

Hello baby!

8. Buy a personal movie theater so that I can view all of Leo DiCaprio’s movies on the big screen. With him next to me, of course, since I would now own his body and soul.

9. Visit Hawaii, Jamaica, and Italy.

10. Donate to a few charities (is that sad that’s the last on my list?)

There you have it. I could go on and on and…you get the point. Now enough daydreaming and back to work!


Teaser Tuesday Giveaway!

Workout Song of the Day: “Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven

Okay, I announced last week that I’d tell you all about a contest that I’ll be having during the month of April, so here it goes:

Starting Tuesday, April 6th, I’ll be posting the opening line of a book currently on my “To Be Read” list. If you know which book I’m referring to, you win!

Well, kinda.

Every Tuesday in April, check out my blog for the opening line–I’ll try to get them up as early as 9 AM EST. If you think you know the answer, shoot me an email at pamharris1981@gmail.com. In the subject line, place “Teaser Tuesday Contest.” I’ll accept entries until midnight, EST on that particular Tuesday.

I’ll enter your name in a drawing at the end of the month, and two lucky followers will win:

A $25 giftcard to Borders!

Okay, I’m not swimming in the dough, but I just spent this same amount at Borders this past weekend and I got three ultra-kick ass books. Basically, I’m giving you a pretty cool birthday present and I don’t even really know all of you. 🙂

So, the rules are simple:

1. If you’re not already, become a follower.
2. Check out my blog every Tuesday for the opening line.
3. Send me an email at pamharris1981@gmail.com by midnight EST for your answer–make sure to put “Teaser Tuesday Contest” in the subject line.
4. Win, and go to Borders to shop your book-loving heart out.

To make it even easier, I’ll narrow my choices down to only YA books. Since I’ll be posting a new line every Tuesday in April, you’ll have four-times the chance of being a winner. And since I’m having 2 winners, you actually have eight chances. I think. Hey, I was an English major.

Good luck, everyone–hope to hear from you next month!

My Agent Wish List: Jessica Regel

Workout Song of the Day: “Over” by Drake (otherwise known as my new boyfriend)

I’m baaaack to give you the latest scoop on all of the fantastic agents out there in the literary world. I’ve had quite the hiatus, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to reboot my franchise than the incomparable Jessica Regel of Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency. Check out the facts:

Why I Heart Her: I checked out her Good Reads account, and pretty much every book she’s read and actually enjoyed is within the genre of my writing. Not to mention that she gave one of Jodi Picoult’s novels 5 out of 5 stars, which makes her AWESOME in my book.

Why You’ll Heart Her: Because she doesn’t “shy away from controversial topics” as long as it’s done tastefully. You know that manuscript you’re working on that you’re too embarrassed to talk to anyone else about because you think it’s a bit too “dark”? Polish that baby up and send it Jessica’s way!

Who She Represents: Just a few from her list–Rayo Casablanca, Cecilia Galante, and Jillian Cantor.

What She’s Looking For: “Fresh” YA and MG concepts with a preference in a contemporary setting; YA nonfiction, such as a memoir; adult fiction with BIG themes, humor, and edge.

Notable Net Nuggets:

How to Submit to Her: Email her a query with “Query” in the subject line. Do not send any attachments. She will contact you if she would like to request additional pages. More submission guidelines can be found here.

I officially have carpal tunnel. Good luck everyone!

Fitness Friday: Write On!

Workout Song of the Day: “The Best of Me” by The Used

Okay, as I’ve bragged about earlier this week, after about 9 weeks, I am down 11 pounds! Nothing as miraculous as the weight loss successes on The Biggest Loser, but my pants are starting to sag, so I’m proud, damnit.

I’ve become WAAAY more active than I have in the past year–unless you consider channel surfing to be an extreme sport. But the fact that I’m exercising more is only half of the reason why I’m starting to shed the pounds. The other reason is a secret that I share with Tyra Banks, but because I love you all, I shall reveal it here:

That’s right. A pencil. And while mines doesn’t have hands and shades, it’s still pretty kick ass. You see, I’ve been playing The Biggest Loser Wii game for the past few weeks, and part of that game is to enter my calories. I keep a journal of everything that I eat for the day so that I can enter it into the game later. However, you have to do more than just write down everything you eat. In order to see some results, here are my suggestions:

1. Find out your BMI (Body Mass Index), and how much calories you should consume in order to lose weight. For example, right now I’m supposed to eat only 1201 calories each day (torture, right?). To figure out the caloric intake best for you, try visiting this site.

2. Try to divide up your meals equally so that you won’t go over your recommended amount. I make sure to eat three full meals, and at least 2 snacks. I don’t give up many foods–my portion size just differs according to the calories. For example, I try to stick to one cup of cereal for breakfast, and my cousin and I measure out our side dishes so that we won’t overeat.

3. Plan ahead. I cannot stress this enough. The night before, go ahead and jot down what you plan on eating the next day. This has truly helped me in not absentmindedly munching on candy or chips throughout the day. If I didn’t write it down, it won’t go in my mouth. This seems like a cruel and inhumane act, but after the first week or so, you’ll get used to it.

That’s it–three simple steps. Believe me, you’ll be grumpy the first few days, but you’ll smile once you see the pay-off.

What a Career!

Workout Song of the Day: See post below (I’m lazy–didn’t feel like thinking of another one)

I know. We all want to be original. We all want to write our own way. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s okay to be in complete awe of another author. To just read their work, follow their blogs, giggle at their tweets and just think…you are absolutely AWESOME!

But enough about me. 🙂

My peeps over at YA Highway want to know which author’s career would you most like to emulate. My immediate answer was going to be the lovely Courtney Summers:

But then I realized that even though she just received a two-book deal, she only has two books currently on the shelves. So while I feel that she’s a force to be reckoned with, I figured that I should say someone who has a little more publishing credits (I still love ya, Courtney!). So the author who I most admire and whose career I’d like to fashion mines off of would be….

Elizabeth Scott!

She’s laughing because she knows she rocks. What I love most about Ms. Scott is that she doesn’t just stick to one genre. While I consider her the queen of YA, her books range from heartwarming (Bloom), fun (Stealing Heaven), romantic (Perfect You), to pure dark (Living Dead Girl–one of my absolute faves). Pretty much, this woman can do it all!

Though I know I’ll never reach her brilliance, I want my writing to cross different genres as well. Keep doing your thing, Ms. Scott!

Contest Alert!!

Workout Song of the Day: “The Fixer” by Pearl Jam

Okay, so I’m not the only one in the blogosphere that’s having a kick ass contest (surprising, I know). Beth Revis, a high school English teacher who just scored a THREE-BOOK DEAL, is holding a contest over at her blog to celebrate this new venture in her life. You can win either a writer’s prize pack, or a reader’s prize pack–and both are pretty awesome.

For full details, please check it out here. And while you’re there, why not drop her a line and congratulate her? I think we should all band together to show our support. Congrats, Beth!

A Tease For Tuesday

Workout Song of the Day: “Skinny Little B–” by Hole

Weight Loss Thus Far: 11 Pounds! Not quite the above song title, but I’m getting there!

This will be a very quick post, but I wanted to give you all a heads up for next Tuesday. I’m announcing a contest for the month of April! I’ll give the full details next Tuesday. The prize won’t be anything grand like a query/manuscript review because…well, what makes me an authority? Unless you care what an unagented, unpublished YA writer thinks about your work.

However, it will involve something that I think is pretty kick ass. That’s probably because I’m a nerd, but hopefully my fellow nerds out there will appreciate this prize.

And guess what? I’m giving away two!

That’s all the hints I’ll provide today. Come back next Tuesday for the full deets!