Teaser Tuesday!

Workout Song of the Day: The theme to “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” (my MFA crew would get this joke)

Okay, here’s my first stab at Teaser Tuesday. I’m posting a small portion of my novel that will actually be workshopped tomorrow (hmm, no wonder why my stomach hurts). It’s nothing too revealing, but I hope you all enjoy. Please feel free to let me know what you think:

“Can I help you?” The blonde inquired in an uncooperative tone. She gave Alicia another once-over before dragging her hand through her hair. Her robe lifted a little as she did so, revealing two lithe but muscular thighs. And that’s when Alicia erased all doubts that they were on the same playing field. There was no denying that the blonde was beautiful—it radiated through her skin in just a simple action.
Alicia smirked. “Actually, you can’t.”
The blonde blinked at Alicia and frowned. This was obviously an inconvenience. An intrusion on what could possibly be an alluring life, pink eyes and all. For now, at least. The two girls stared at each other in silence. Alicia forced air into her lungs.
“I’m not buying shit.” The blonde retorted, growing more impatient.
Alicia bit her lip and then stared down at her fists. “I see you hang out with that one guy.”
“Okay.” The blonde shrugged in confusion.
“It looks like you two are a couple.”
The blonde started to push the door close. “I have company.”
Alicia pressed her hand against it. “No you don’t. He’s not here right now.” The words flew out of Alicia’s mouth before she could catch them.
“Okay, you need to leave…”
“And I know this,” Alicia still gritted her teeth, pushing all her weight against the door. The blonde was no match for her. “…because I know where he is right now.”
“I’ll call the cops!” The blonde insisted, yelling at Alicia’s feet. She loosened her grip on the door and then pushed her hand against Alicia’s chest. When Alicia resisted, the blonde took her palm and swung it across Alicia’s forehead. Alicia touched her forehead, stunned. She felt the tears bloat in her eyes and that pissed her off. She grabbed the blonde’s wrist.
“He’s screwing my boyfriend!” Alicia spat out. The words seemed to smack the blonde right in the face because she, too, started to cry.
“What?” Alicia thought that was what the blonde croaked. Alicia loosened her grip on her wrist, and their fingers dangled together—a weaving of defeat.
Alicia snatched her hand away, and took in a breath. “I just thought you should know.”


4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday!

  1. Thanks for the support ladies! The chapter this portion comes from pretty much got destroyed in workshop, though–so this scene will now look completely different! Hopefully better though. 🙂

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