My Literary Crushes

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Okay, YA Highway asked a wonderful question this week: who is your literary crush? At first, I was a bit confused–are they asking what authors I have crushes on? If that’s the case, then that list includes Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, and Elizabeth Scott–all drastically different writers, all tug at my heart strings.
However, after reading a few other responses, I’m thinking this question is about characters; so, in order of their appearances in my life, here are the literary characters that have made my heart tha-thump over the years:

1. Edmund Pevensie from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. You know, I barely remember this book. I must’ve read it 20 years ago (wow, am I really that old?), but I remember being giddy whenever I read about Edmund. I know, I know–he was a jerk who betrayed his siblings or something or other. But to me, he brought the drama. I like drama. And didn’t he repent for his mistakes? Whatevs. In my head, I thought he was a hottie. By the way, who is this little boy? Did he even play Edmund in the movie?

2. Reggie Mantle from The Archies. Why did Betty and Veronica fight over the goofy redhead? Reggie was hot, rich, and obnoxious. Definitely not anyone you’d want to bring home to mama,but he’d be the guy to go to for a good time. You just may feel a little dirty the next day, though.

3. Richard from The Beach. I’m sorry–I completely lost my train of thought from just staring at that picture of my future hubby. But back to the topic: what is up with me and bad boys? Richard was a complete buttface–a totally unreliable narrator who constantly lied to get what he wanted. He had me at hello.

4. Jacob Black from the Twilight series. Let me make this perfectly clear: I’ve been on Team Jacob even before Taylor Lautner packed on muscle upon muscle to secure his role–but I am quite pleased with his diligence. Sure, Edward was the beautiful vampire who’d give his life to save Bella, and blah blah blah. He was just too…perfect. And perfect=boring to me. Jacob was real–as real as a werewolf could be. He was moody, and he called Bella out when necessary. I want a guy around to tell me: “Hey, snap out of it!” Not to mention he could warm me up at night. πŸ˜‰

So, there you have it–a few highlights of my literary crushes throughout the years. I’m sure the list will get longer now that I’ve rekindled my romance with reading. I say until my real Edmund Richard Mantle Black comes along, bring it on!

3 thoughts on “My Literary Crushes

  1. Super cute post! There are too many literary crushes for me to name. But, I love Luke Brandon from the Shopaholic series. He loved Rebecca, flaws and all, and who can resist that?

  2. Awesome post! I agree with you about the bad boy thing- the good guy is not as complex and doesn't really offer anything to the story. I think that's why more people like Eric than Bill in the Sookie Stackhouse Series- although, if you read Club Dead Bill does kind of slip up- but it's not his fault…Back on topic though, I love breakdown of why you liked each guy, and I love the smashed up name at the end- beautiful!

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